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8 Things You Must Try In Rishikesh

Adventure Sports

Adventure sports in Rishikesh

Adventure sports in Rishikesh, India can be an exciting experience when done with friends or family. Today’s young generation is always looking for some adventure moments in the midst of their daily lives. Adventure games like these in Rishikesh give them a chance to enjoy. During the season, a large crowd of adventure seekers come to Rishikesh to test themselves in these extreme sports.

Rishikesh offers adventure activities like river rafting, camping, bungee jumping, giant swing, rock climbing, flying fox, etc, these adventure activities in Rishikesh are a great way to feel the adrenaline rush in the body.

Best Time To Visit: Anytime around the year

Witness the Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat

Ganga Arti Triveni Ghat

The Ganges River is considered one of the holiest rivers of India. Aarti performed at Triveni Ghat is a testimony of the dedication of the people of Rishikesh to the river.

Every evening the area lights up with Aarti and it is truly a majestic scene. After sunset, many diyas (lamps) are placed in leaf boats in the holy river. One can truly feel spirituality when witnessing Ganga Aarti in Rishikesh.

Best Time To Visit: Anytime around the year

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Visit The Beatles Ashram

Beatles Ashram Rishikesh

The Beatles have a fair history with Rishikesh that most people can think of. Rishikesh had a special appeal that made the Beatles take many trips to this beautiful city. Many of their songs had been composed here.

However the now abandoned ashram has a lot of memoirs and paintings that throw light on the time of the Beatles in India and their conversation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. For any Beatles fan, this place is a journey.

Best Time To Visit: Anytime around the year

Get an Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage in Rishikesh

Exploring the entire city of Rishikesh can be exhausting. To restore your energy and feel relaxed, you can engage in an Ayurvedic massage in Rishikesh that will rejuvenate your soul.

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There are some famous massage centers in the middle of the city which will give you a feeling of peace. Herbal and aromatic oils are also used in an Ayurvedic massage which will relieve stress and tension from your mind and body.

Cost of an Ayurvedic Massage: Rs. 600 to Rs. 1000

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Try your hand at Yoga


Yoga has been a part of culture in Rishikesh for centuries. There are many practitioners who are ready to teach you this practice and activity in Rishikesh. Engaging in yoga not only proves to be a good physical activity, but helps to calm the mind and encourages focused clarity.

Rishikesh is the yoga capital of the world and people from all over the world come here to practice yoga. There are number of yoga ashrams or schools where you can enroll yourself to learn yoga in Rishikesh.

Cost of Yoga: Free to Rs. 2000 per session

Visit Lakshman Jhula

Laxman Jhula Rishikesh

According to Vidya, it is said that Lakshmana of the epic Ramayana along with Lord Rama and Lady Sita built a rope bridge to cross the river Ganges. The Lakshman Jhula is constructed at exactly the same place.

You can enjoy a walk on the bridge in the evening and feel the cool breeze. The bridge is busy with the activites during the day as the bridge connects two important sides of Rishikesh.

Best Time To Visit: Anytime around the year

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Visit Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park is located in Uttarakhand which is one of the most famous national parks in India. The park has the largest number of elephants and is held in a dark complex for the famous elephant safari.

The nearest entry point to the park from Rishikesh is known as the Chilla Range. Apart from elephants, the park is also home to Tigers, Panthers, Sambar Deer, Barking Deer and a variety of Birds.

Best time to visit: Summer months

Eat a Traditional Garhwali Meal

traditional food uttarakhand

Rishikesh is a purely vegetarian place by method. Most North Indian dishes will be found here. However, Italian, Thai Chinese, Nepali and  South Indian, cuisine are also available at some places. The city promotes a parallel vibrant culture that revolves around authentic continental cuisine and some cafes.

Ayurvedic food in Rishikesh is an another standout in this region. The outlets that contain these health foods provide a complete environment with a variety of foods and teas as well as elements of yoga and Ayurveda. Apart from these, there are also some equally lip-smoked treasures in the street such as Jalebi, Imrati, Samosa, Popcorn as well as fresh and seasonal local fruits. Also, order a ‘thali’, which offers at one place in the city.

So if you are looking for top things to do in Rishikesh, then try our mentioned selections and let us know about your experiences in the comment sections below.

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