There are a large number of trek routes in Uttarakhand for trekkers. Each trek route has its own distinctive features.


Uttarakhand's many scenic landscapes are ideal for setting up tents and lighting bonfires with family and friends.


The land of turbulent and holy rivers, Uttarakhand is one such destination that offers the best river rafting experience in India.


Water adventure sports are becoming increasingly popular among the youth and kayaking is another adventure sport in Uttarakhand that is attracting adrenaline junkies.


An extreme sport, paragliding can be described as flying in the sky, over lush forests, carpeted undulating valleys in green and snow-capped peaks.

Bunjee Jumping

Experience an exciting bungee jumping session amidst the serenity of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand.


Slopes laden with coniferous trees and covered with thick snow during the peak season, Uttarakhand takes pride in its popular skiing destinations.


A zipline is an adventure sports activity where a freely moving winch is used to ride up and down an inclined cable.


Rappelling is a sport that involves fitness, strength and most importantly passion for it. This is an exciting and challenging game that will give you a rush like no other.

Elephant Safari

Elephant safari in national parks is a special treat for travelers by taking advantage of the opportunity to roam the open plains.