River Rafting

It is one of the many great adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh that has been popular for centuries.


There are 270 trekking trails in Himachal for adventure enthusiasts to experience the most wonderful time of their life.

Heli Skiing

It is a perfect adventure sport for tourists looking to explore greater heights and breathtaking glaciers.

Ice Skating

Ice skating can be enjoyed in Himachal along with two other interesting activities including figure skating and ice hockey.


The list of adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh is endless, although angling, popularly known as fishing, is one of the most popular sports.

Rock Climbing

It is one of the most exciting of all the adventure activities as it requires a lot of physical stamina and fitness, it is not for the faint hearted at all. 


Soak in the fresh air and wander the mysterious mountains with this adventure sport.


It is a wonderful way to feel and experience the allure of the beauty that the land has to offer.