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Uttarakhand Culture: Garhwali & Kumaoni

Uttarakhand is a beautiful place known as Garhwal and Kumaon. Culture uniquely identifies its people and gives them a meaning. There are various traditions, religions, fairs, festivals, folk dances, music which sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. The residents of Uttarakhand are proud of the culture they follow. The beauty of Uttarakhand state is that it consists of people from several sub-groups and ethnic groups living together under one roof. This article talks about the traditions, culture and beliefs that bind the people of Uttarakhand together.

Garhwali Culture

Garhwali Culture

Garhwal is a beautiful place covered by high mountains. People from all over the country visit the place to meditate and find peace in a very chaotic life. Very ancient wood carvings can still be seen at some of the doors of Garhwal. All the places like Ransee Temple, Srinagar Temple, Chandpur Fort, Padukeshwar and Devalgarh Temple are still remains of architecture.

Garhwali is the main language spoken here. There are many dialects of Garhwali language which include Jaunsari, Marchi, Jadhi and Sailani. The language of Garhwal (Garhwali)is believed to have originated from the combination of Sanskrit, Sauraseni Prakrit and Middle Pahari or Western language. People of many ethnic groups and castes live in Garhwal. These include Rajputs who are believed to be of Aryan origin, Brahmins who migrated after or after Rajputs, the tribals of Garhwal who live in the northern areas and include the Jaunsaris, JDs, Marchas and Van Gujars. 

Kumaoni Culture

Kumaoni Culture

Kumaon has been a charming region all through the past two decades taking into account the stone masterful manifestations discovered in this area. Lakhu Udiyar and Lavitap are the most famous among them. Kumaon is said to be the point of origin of Pahari Kalam, which is yet another style of worldwide painting. Aipan or Alpana is known as the most popular art form of Kumaon . In this art form, pieces of cloth, walls and papers are all decorated with geometric figures that relate to God, Goddess and other natural objects of nature.

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Alpana is a very important art form of Kumaon which can be easily seen in the houses of this region. Aipan has many art forms including Saraswati Outpost, Nav Durga Outpost, Chamunda Hasti Outpost, Janeu Outpost, Hasan Outpost, Acharya Outpost, Dhuli Arghya Outpost, Durga Thapa etc. Apart from worshiping Lord Shiva and Shakti, the residents of this region worship. Other deities including Kul Devta, Bhoomi Devta, Gram Devta and Nag Devta. Some other important folk goddesses worshiped include Naina Devi, Nanda Devi, Gwala, Bholenath, Hawadar, Gangnath, Chaumu, Haru and Kel Bisht.

The people of Kumaon speak 13 dialects including Kumaiya, Gangola, Sorali, Sirali, Ascoti, Danpuria, Johri, Chowgarkhali, Majh Kumaiya, Khasparajia, Pachai and Rauchhabi. This group of languages is known as the group of central mountain languages. Kumaon is also rich in its folk literature which includes myth, hero, heroine, valor, deity, goddess and character from Ramayana and Mahabharata.

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